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1099 Poplar Ridge Rd., Aurora, NY 13026

Phone 315.364.5707 / Fax 315.364.5711


Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 9-12


The Town of Ledyard is in the heart of the Finger Lakes of central New York. Ledyard is located in the southern portion of Cayuga County right on the eastern Cayuga Lake shore line. The population was 1,886 at the 2010 census. 
Ledyard was formed from Scipio January 30th,1823, and derives its name from Gen. Benjamin Ledyard, an early settler in the town.He was an agent and clerk for the apportionment of lands in the Military Tract. 
Its length from north to south is ten miles, and mean width, about five miles. Ledyard is bounded on the north by Springport, from which it is separated by Great Gully.
The land is beautifully diversified.The land inclines towards the lake, from which it slopes upward, generally by gentle, but occasionally by steep gradations, until it attains an elevation of 500-600 feet above the lakes level, a little east of the east border. It is difficult to conceive of a more charming prospect than are disclosed by the successive approaches to this summit ridge. The streams are small and rapid, the principal streams being Great Gully, on the north border, and Paines Creek in the south. They flow through a deep, narrow ravine worn in the shale rock.

The Village of Aurora is located in the center of the town. It is the home of Wells College. The Town of Ledyard is the home of several small industries along the rural Route 90. MacKenzieChilds, LTD., the Aurora Shoe Factory, Long Point Winery, Ltd., and Peach Town.

Aerial View of Farm


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