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The Transfer Site is essential and is open on Saturdays.

We ask that you to practice social distancing while there.


Town of Ledyard Transfer Site Rules Disposal of Recyclables


1) Tin cans, glass bottles, plastic food containers and aluminum foil go in either the right or center door of the recyclables container. All recyclables should be rinsed out and empty.

2) Newspapers and other paper waste goes in the left hand door of the recyclables container.

3) At this time, no Styrofoam products are accepted at this site.

4) Cardboard and paperboard products go into one of two containers in front and to the left of the recyclables container. No packing material goes in this container, and all cardboard boxes must be broken down and flattened before putting them into the container.

5) Steel, tin and other scrap metals go in the big container on the east side of the site. We do not accept any appliances that have ever had Freon or some other refrigerant in them. This includes refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners or dehumidifiers. We can accept washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc.

6) Any brush smaller than 4 inches in diameter can be put on the burn pile. We cannot and won’t accept any lumber or furniture. The brush pile is for brush only.

7) Yard waste can be put on the compost pile in front of the manager’s building.


Disposal of Garbage

1) All garbage bags must be tagged. Tags are available at the Transfer Site, Town of Ledyard Town Hall or at Wilcox General Store at $3 .00 each.

2) All garbage bags must be free of any recyclable items and should be in plastic bags.

3) All garbage bags must weigh no more than 35 pounds. If the attendant feels that a bag is over 35 pounds (ie. It takes more than one person to lift it) he will ask you to attach at least one more tag.

4) All garbage goes in the packer.

5) No televisions, computers or any other electronic equipment is allowed to go into the waste stream now, so we cannot accept any of these. The county has an Electronic Clean-up Day twice a year, and there are other facilities in Auburn and Ithaca that will take these and properly recycle them.

6) No tires are allowed in the packer, this includes but is not limited to lawn mower tires, wheel barrow tires, bicycle tires and car/truck tires. Again, the county has a day twice a year for the disposal of tires.


Traffic Rules

1) All traffic should enter from the right, and travel in a counter-clockwise direction around the facility.

2) Please do not park directly in front of any of the containers or the shed, as this is inconvenient for anybody else trying to use the same container.

3) Please do not block traffic. Leave room for other cars to pass through the facility. This is especially important near the recycling area.

4) If you want to socialize (which we encourage) please feel free to do so, but please pull your vehicle out of the way first.


If you have any questions about any particular item, please contact the facility manager Town of Ledyard Transfer Site Additional Information Hours of Operation: We are open only on Saturdays.

The hours are as follows:

First Saturday in October to the first Saturday in May-8:00 AM until 2:00 PM

First Saturday in May to the first Saturday in October-7:00 AM until 1:00 PM


Annual Clean-up Day

1) Clean-up day is held once a year in July. It is always the weekend before the Route 90 Garage Sale, which means it is normally the third Saturday in July. Additional signs will be posted prior to Clean-up Day.

2) Old furniture, wood product and just plain junk that we normally can’t take will be taken that day.

3) Unfortunately we still can’t take Freon appliances, tires or electronic equipment.

4) We encourage people not to bring truck load after truck load of stuff. This day is not meant to be the day when you tear down your garage and bring the whole thing over. It’s just a general clean up. Please be considerate of others.

5) The facility does not provide any help or equipment to help unload your vehicle, so please come prepared with enough manpower to unload it yourself.

6) Please-we are not a swap shop. Please don’t bring something in with the idea of leaving it because someone else may want it. We don’t have the time or the space to do this.


One more thing: I am creating an email list of regular users of the Transfer Site. This way I can contact you about any special events or time changes or other things going on at the site. I have forms in the shed to fill out. This contact list is for my purposes only and I will not give out any information to anybody else.


Please take the time to read and understand these simple rules. It will make your visit to the site easier and more enjoyable.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at my email address;, or simply come and talk to me at the site.

People tell me I’m a pretty informative and friendly guy to talk to.

Thank you, Bill Nivison Transfer Site Manager